My principles for the rods

I, and my rods "Tokachi Trout Rods," have been searching for the function and performance needed for bamboo rods, and have done a lot of field-tests eagerly, targeting wild rainbow trout in Tokachi area.

In the process of fly fishing, these are the functions for rods, casting, line controlling, setting, fighting and landing. From my testing, I found out one common ground in all of them. I say, it is the "REBOUND" of a rod. It is this 'rebound' that is the primary performance necessary for the rods. I have concentrated all my building procedures on creating this rebound action when designing "Tokachi Trout Rods." In other words, I rewashed previous all processes of my rod building and have pursued what I should do to have rods rebound speedy and torque-ful.

To realize this 'rebound' properly, I must clear up some important elemnts connecting each other when building rods. These are:

Point One : flatness without curvature
To complete the flatness on blanks for the purpose of realizing my taper design which intends to achieve my ideal rod action. I use my best caution on this. This flatness going on from butt to tip is the substance of the rod taper and creates rod action itself.

Point Two : hollow construction
Hollow construction of blanks also affects rod 'rebound' much. Depending on the difference of line sizes or sections of blanks, I vary blank wall thickness continuously on each point. Not only by taper design, but by variation of mass and hardness, I can improve restoring force of blanks.

Point Three : heat treatment
This is the one of the elements which bring in the 'rebound' power of bamboo material at its best. To draw out the restoring power for the particular intended action, I do heat treatment three times in total till I complete my rod. The first, a bamboo culm get flaming by a blowtorch. The second, I do in an oven after rough planing. At last, I do again in oven after I glue six strips. Each time, I manage the temperature and humidity of the room properly, and gain strips' straightness and flatness by having bamboo obey my will.

Point Four : ferrule
Not using ready made parts, I make my own ferrules from a nickel silver bar stock all by myself. I can make the best formation of blanks and ferrules, at the same time I can cut the excess weight without loosing their strength. By these merits, "Tokachi Trout Rods" realize the ideal 'rebound' in 3 piece construction which I am working on.

Achieving these important points earnestly one by one, I and "Tokachi Trout Rods" get a remarkable casting response and fishing performance in higher level.

In addition, by precise wrapping of thread and deep shade finish of varnish, "Tokachi Trout Rods" acquire the beauty of rods themselves necessary for the tools we enjoy in our hands. Furthermore, I accomplish not only the beauty for the eyes but full protectional function of each work. Grace and secureness, that is, the beauty from the kinetic function I am seeking.

It is the age when graphite rods are main stream, for this reason, I dare to try the limit of bamboo and draw a new possibility from bamboo. And I sincerely hope my effort will make game fishing field wider and richer.

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